Glastuinbouw Nederland: Growing for tomorrow today

“Glastuinbouw Nederland” is the abbreviated statutory name of “LTO GLaskracht Nederland” in which LTO Noord, ZLTO and LLTB collaborate on influencing policy and creating innovative programmes for Labour, Energy, Planet Health and Water & Environment for the benefit of the entrepreneurial network. Together, we represent 70% of the total greenhouse horticulture acreage in The Netherlands.


The Dutch greenhouse horticulture industry is a powerful and innovative sector. Dutch growers responsibly grow vegetables, flowers, and plants to improve the health and well-being of consumers in all of Europe and beyond. They are able to unify the wishes of consumers, environmental requirements, and the economy in their businesses. In the protective environment of the greenhouse, they use all the good things in nature optimally, while keeping diseases and pests at bay, and excluding environmentally unfriendly waste flows. They also work on the working conditions of their personnel with the greatest care.

Glastuinbouw Nederland unites and supports greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs, with as its main activities lobbying at national, provincial, and regional governments, encouraging knowledge development, and inspiring entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge.


Working on a responsible greenhouse horticulture industry with optimal entrepreneurs' conditions for our members is our challenge. We ensure collective solutions for a responsible, financially healthy, and future-proof sector. We do this by anticipating external future developments, and by making ourselves heard in the public and political debate. Here, we focus on the interests of our members. This way, we contribute to a strong business climate, a healthy and internationally strong greenhouse horticulture industry.


In our active lobby towards the government, politics, and societal organisations, we effectively influence policy-makers, allowing our members to do business optimally. We work on relations and open doors which remain closed to others.


Through innovation programmes such as Kas als Energiebron ("The Greenhouse as a Source of Energy"), Glastuinbouw Waterproof ("Greenhouse Horticulture Waterproof") and Het Nieuwe Doen in Plantgezondheid ("New Practices in Plant Health"), we stimulate the professionalisation and innovation of greenhouse horticulture businesses. This way, we can offer our members an independent insight into relevant developments which now or in the future take place within and outside the industry. As of 2018, new financial resources are needed for these programmes.

We are also the initiator behind the Stichting Innovatie Glastuinbouw ("Innovations in Greenhouse Horticulture Foundation" or "SIGN"), which works on ground-breaking innovations within the innovation programme Waard&vol Groen.

Professional expertise

We initiate, stimulate, and facilitate collective knowledge development and exchange for the improvement of the businesses of our members. We do this by actively supporting crop commissions and research. We do this together with entrepreneurs, suppliers, and research institutions.

Crop cooperations

In order to keep developing knowledge, Glastuinbouw Nederland stimulates the founding of crop cooperations. In such a crop cooperations, of which 14 were founded since 2014, the members jointly decide which knowledge they develop. The members jointly bear the costs of this development. Together with Flynth Adviseurs en Accountants and Westland Partners, Glastuinbouw Nederland plays a supporting role in the founding and organisation.

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